About Me


This small corner of the internet has adopted various forms over the course of its existence, from beginning as a sewing blog, then a travel blog, to becoming a place I endeavour to update at least once a year for future posterity. As my needs and interests have changed, so has this blog. One day, I hope to look back on it as a record of a life well lived.

This site was used to document my time abroad while on Rotary Youth Exchange to Germany in 2014, which inspired me to keep exploring our big, wide world. In my short 22 years of life, I have been lucky enough to call several cities around the world home.
I have always enjoyed photography, and documenting my travels in particular.

From a young age I developed a love for several creative outlets, continually going through various phases of knitting, embroidering and adding to my hand-sewn wardrobe. Most recently I have developed an interest in historical fashions and costuming, and plan to soon delve into reproducing historical clothing. Perhaps I will run a sewing blog once again after all. Watch this space.