About Me

I’m currently a third-year university student at The Australian National University in Canberra, Australia, undertaking a double degree in International Security Studies and Languages (German and Japanese).

As a former Rotary Youth Exchange student to Germany in 2014, I desire to live curiously and to never stop exploring our big, wide world.

I satisfy my need to create through continually sewing a hand-made wardrobe while supporting ethical and sustainable fashion choices.

A need to live simply has prompted me to dramatically reduce that which I own and adopt a more minimalist lifestyle. I am a strong believer that a tidy space equals a clear mind.

I can always be found with a mug of hot, Rooibos tea in one hand.

This blog commenced in 2013, to share my various handmade creations in a place which I could call my own.

As a result of spending a year abroad in 2014 it soon morphed into the primary mode of communication between myself and my friends and family back at home in Australia.

For now, it will continue to be a place to jot down some thoughts while I navigate life as a young adult.  I endeavour to continue to document moments both big, and small, for many more adventures to come.