It’s now the middle of the German summer holidays, which is the peak period for travelling on holiday. My second host family and I have driven for 10 hours from one end of Germany to the other, before arriving in Munich, the third largest city in Germany and capital of Bavaria.

Here we are standing together in the city centre, just outside the Town Hall.


We have spent the last two nights in Munich and will continue on to Lake Garda, in the north of Italy where we will be staying for the next week.

I’m very lucky to have experienced Munich and it’s Bavarian culture, which is distinctly different from the rest of Germany. The city is buzzing and vibrant with plenty of architectural monuments and unique delicacies to try. Our first evening was spent in the beer garden tasting Bavarian delights.

I’m now looking forward to a week in beautiful Northern Italy!

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3 thoughts on “München

  1. Great to hear from you Maddie! You are a such a lucky girl, seeing so much of the world, but do keep us up to date please.
    Love Nonnie & Grandad.


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