Eurotour! – Amsterdam

Amsterdam was our final destination on Eurotour and presented itself as a very liveable city. Somewhere perfect for students. It doesn’t cover a huge area, which means that everything is very easily within reach either by foot or tram. The city has a young atmosphere, although still contains plenty of beautiful old buildings, in particular the central train station.


Our explorations of the city began with a guided walking tour, with an interesting focus on the infamous Red Light district and it’s history. We stopped by a local convenience store and picked up some delicious Dutch caramel waffles, and then even strolled by a large flea market full of secondhand tresure. Bicycles are a typical sight throughout the whole of Amsterdam, and a danger to tourists. They don’t stop for pedestrians! We were told that if we heard bells ringing behind us, to make a run for it.

Typical canal houses reside on the edge of the water all over the city.

These canal houses are a quintessential aspect of Amsterdam, and is a view that I will always remember. On our second day, we visited the Anne Frank museum which is where the Frank family went into hiding during the second world war. It too is a canal house, exactly like those pictured above and below. The museum recounts the moving stories of each member of the family, through the various rooms where the family had previously lived.



Most of our time in Amsterdam was spent simply wandering the streets and soaking up the sun. The flea market held some good finds, and there’s a countless number of museums to explore. Apart from Anne Frank house, I also briefly visited the cheese museum. On our last evening of tour we drove back to Hamburg overnight, departing Amsterdam at 12am.


It’s now time to conclude my series on the unforgettable journey that was Eurotour. The map below provides another quick look at our route. Seeing so much of central Europe in just twenty days is certainly a great accomplishment. It was the trip of a lifetime, and something that many can only dream of doing. I’m so lucky to have had this opportunity, and to have travelled as part of such a large and varied family of exchange students.


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