Eurotour! – Savona/Monaco

From Rome, we travelled to Savona located on the the Italian west coast. Here we stayed for two nights, but didn’t have the opportunity to see much of the city. Only the pebbled beach which we walked to during the evening.

On our one free day between the two nights, we made the day trip to the Principality of Monaco on the southern tip of French coastline which is just a two hour drive from Savona.

Monaco is the second smallest country in the world and is a perfectly manicured city, very much suited to the rich and famous. Everywhere you looked was picture perfect. I’m sure it would have been impossible to take a bad photo, which is why so many will be included in this post.

While we were there, preparations were being made for the Formula One championships to be held on the very next weekend.

Right after stepping off the tour bus, we were faced with a beautiful bright blue ocean which shined in the sun. It was then time for a quick dip upon a secluded beach we soon found, which also acted as the perfect location for a photoshoot.

Walking through the city, I soon found myself to be in the main tourist centre and standing next to the palace of the royal family in Monaco. The most well known member of this family was Grace Kelly, who was previously an actress during the 1950s, before her marriage into royalty. She is celebrated with signs placed all around the area.

Another must see, is the Monte Carlo Casino. We made our way down to the city centre, and encountered obstacles due to the upcoming Formula One tournament while passing through. The casino was also shrouded in construction work, but was nonetheless still impressive, just like in the movies.

By this time, the end of our day was drawing near and while considering the very warm weather an expensive ice cream won me over. Just before hopping back on the bus to drive back to Italy, the whole group enjoyed a spot of beach combing and paddling in the warm water to freshen up.


Ah, Monaco. You were glorious while it lasted, but I’d had enough after one day. The small city is the perfect destination for day trip. It’s a place I hadn’t really considered going to before, but I’m certainly glad to have had the chance to make the journey there.

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