Eurotour! – Florence

Our time in Florence was just a quick stop off, while driving between Venice and Rome. We only spent about a maximum of 2 hours roaming the city.  I remember it being very warm, although only 29 degrees. Nevertheless, that was probably one of the highest temperatures I had experienced since leaving Australia!

Our bus dropped us off on a busy street, where we were then left to walk along the riverside towards the old part of the city. Florence was beautiful, but unfortunately we only saw a very small portion of the old town, because time was running so short.

As one big group we walked onwards to Florence’s main town square: the Piazza della Signoria, where the fountain of Neptune is located.

In the middle of the historic centre of Florence lies the Florence Cathedral, which is a truly vast and magnificent building.

I believe Florence won the award for some of the most expensive ice cream I saw, at around 5 euros for 1 scoop.

And, that brings us to the end of our short but sweet adventure in Florence. But, not before everyone took the chance to rub the snout of Porcellino, the local boar statue. Apparently by rubbing its snout, one day you will return to Florence.

So Florence, I’ll be back!

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