Eurotour! – Venice

These photos were taken along the way from Vienna to Venice, where we stopped at a rest stop/restaurant surrounded by dramatic views of the Austrian mountains, which provided a fantastic photo opportunity.


The floating city of Venice was another eight hour drive away from Vienna, and our hotel was not located in the city itself, but instead in the nearby coastal tourist town of Lido di Jesolo. After arriving in Lido, we headed to the beach after dinner. It was already dark, and the water was still cold (although warmer than the Baltic Sea, which I have grown used to). We still had fun hanging out together and joining in a sing along which was conducted in a mixture of Spanish, English and German.

We rose early the next morning to catch the ferry from the Italian mainland, to the island where Venice is located. Venice is an extremely tourist orientated city, which from the minute we stepped off the ferry, was immediately noticeable. The city was crawling with souvenir stands and costumed actors posing for photos. Before people became separated from the group, we were hastily ushered in towards our meeting point in San Marco Square. There we were met by our guides who were ready to take us on a city tour, which by now had become somewhat of a routine after arriving in each new city. However, beforehand, we took the opportunity to take one big group photo in the main square.

DSC_0233The entire city of Venice operates on just two modes of transport, one can travel by foot or cruise through the canals by boat. On our walking tour, we saw the sights by foot. Our guide led us through narrow winding streets, over countless bridges and then back again to the main square. Venice is crowed and dense, or in other words, very easy to get lost in.

After the tour everyone split off to find food and see the city. After having lunch I took a Gondola ride with Eden (Australia), Daniel (USA), Lane (Canada) and Joe (USA).

The Gondola ride was a unique experience, and certainly lived up to expectations. It’s something to be checked off the list of things to be done in Venice, and I’m pleased to have accomplished it. At one point, the Gondolier pointed to an object floating past us and asked, “Is this yours?”. I had become too caught up in taking photos, and dropped my lens cap in the Grand Canal! Fortunately, it was no problem and we were able to turn around and retrieve it.


All too soon, it was time to make our way back to the boat which, thankfully we found due to many bright yellow signs pointing back to San Marco square. In the end we had about half an hour to spare, which we spent having overpriced coffee at a nearby cafe.

I’ll never forget our day in the enchanting city of Venice!

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 5.42.17 pm

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