Eurotour! – Vienna

Europe continues to fascinate and amaze me. Vienna was absolutely beautiful, although I will say that about every city we visited. Each destination was different, unique and beautiful in its very own way. Vienna was one of my favourite cities. The central buildings were ornately decorated and often adorned with gold. Unfortunately our stay in Vienna was very short, I would have loved more time to explore, and I would also take the opportunity to visit again.

Our one full day in Vienna begun with a bus tour of the city, guided by a ‘high’ German speaker so that we didn’t have to concentrate on understanding the Austrian German dialect.
After driving past many of the important and iconic structures in Vienna, we stopped off at ‘Hundertwassers House’ which was designed by an architect who loathed straight lines. Nowadays the building operates as a hotel. From the outside the building was a mix match of colour and was in no way symmetrical or regular. We only stayed for about half an hour, before continuing on with the city tour.

Our next stop was the Kaiser apartments and Sisi museum. The museum was interesting and documented the life of Sisi, an Austrian empress from Bavaria. Of course the apartments were beautifully decorated and the entire Royal cutlery and crockery collections were also on display.

Afterwards, we then had free time for the rest of the afternoon and evening. We hired bikes for one euro an hour and went on a self guided bike tour of the city. We rode through the streets, stopped in a park for half an hour, visited the Austrian parliament buildings and Rathaus once more, before returning the bikes in the evening. We then bought ice cream together and walked through Vienna by night, seeing the opera house and city lights by night.

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 5.42.17 pm

One thought on “Eurotour! – Vienna

  1. The Opera House by night would be wonderful – especially to hear some waltzes! The bike rides are such a wonderful idea. May these beautiful photos keep Vienna in your mind for many years. Warm regards, Christine


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