Eurotour! – Prague

Over 60 international Rotary Youth Exchange students, 5 countries, 11 cities and 1 double decker Bus. In essence, this is what makes up a journey such as Eurotour. An unforgettable 3 week road trip throughout Europe, along with some of the best people I’ve ever met, who are all together, making the most out of every opportunity, and soaking up every precious moment.

Our adventure began on the 5th of May in Hamburg, where the students of Rotary District 1890 gathered together, to board our bus which would soon become our main sleeping quarters for the duration of the journey. After an 8 hour drive through both the German and Czech countryside, we reached our first destination on our tour: Prague, capital of the Czech Republic.

We arrived early in the evening, dinner was served at the hotel and then afterwards the group embarked on an evening walk through the centre of Prague, to have our first glimpses of the the city. The centre of Prague is extremely old and dates back to the middle ages. Many medieval buildings have survived the test of time, and still remain standing today.


We walked across the famous Charles Bridge, which was bare given it was so late in the night. The moonlight view over the Donau river was a very pretty sight.

Our first full day in Prague began with a guided tour of the city. We travelled from our hotel by tram, and walked through the city with our guide who ended the tour at Charles Bridge. The bridge connects central Prague to the medieval centre or old city. During the day the bridge is buzzing with activity. Artists line either side, offering unique portraits and paintings. Buskers and musicians entertain the crowds of people. The bridge has become a centre for tourists, but is nonetheless beautiful.

Directly over the other side begins a maze of cafes nestled between very old buildings, the cobblestone streets then lead out to a large town square surrounded by churches and the astronomical clock tower looming above.

On our second full day, it began to rain. The constant and consistent drizzle made it uncomfortable to stay outside. Carla, a friend from Brazil and I, went shopping for the morning while we waited for the rain to subside.


Our afternoon was spent walking around the city and soaking up the atmosphere. We discovered it was almost impossible to get lost in Prague, because every street we turned onto somehow found its way back to a central meeting point. We bought some Czech street food, called “Trdelnik” along the way. It was a sweet damper like bread covered in sugar, served warm and freshly made to order. Carla and I then caught an early tram back to the hotel, to rest our tired feet before dinner.

Our last morning in Prague was a frenzy of packing and dressing before breakfast, as we were leaving early to drive onto Vienna, Austria.

At a rest stop while on the way to Vienna
At a rest stop while on the way to Vienna

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 5.42.17 pm

3 thoughts on “Eurotour! – Prague

  1. The lights on the water over the Charles Bridge were magnificent to see. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experiences with us. I feel as though I am on part of your journey with you. Warmest regards, Christine


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