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The Easter holidays passed by in a flash and have now come to an end. I’ve been kept very busy with many activities, including changing host families last weekend. The life of an exchange student never stops, and tomorrow I’ll be embarking on an adventure of a lifetime which will definitely be a huge highlight of my year. This is the journey known to Rotary Youth Exchange students as: Eurotour!

After departing Hamburg, Germany with a group of 60 exchange students, our first stop will be Prague, capital of the Czech Republic. The bus tour will then continue onto Vienna, Austria and afterwards to Italy where we will visit Venice, Rome, and Florence. Our next port of call will then be Paris, France followed by Amsterdam, in The Netherlands and then back to Hamburg. Each unique city will be an opportunity see many new sights and to embrace the culture and rich history of this fascinating continent. The opportunity to embark on a 3 week round trip of Europe with some of my closest friends from around the world is an experience I have been looking forward to for the past few months, and one that I will certainly never forget.

Although you may not hear from me for the next little while, I’ll be attempting to update my Twitter account daily to provide a summary of every new day while on tour. These updates will be visible through the Twitter timeline widget found on my home page. There will also be plenty of photos and stories to share once I arrive back in Germany at the end of May.

Looking forward to what is to come, and afterwards sharing many stories with you all!

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5 thoughts on “Eurotour!

  1. Eurotour already? My daughter, who is going to France in August, will also do the Eurotour, but hers will come at the end of her exchange in June 2015. Have a fabulous, unforgettable, amazing trip!


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