Unter der Woche #6

Once the new week arrived, it had already left again very quickly. Everything was all very routine, with the normal activities taking place, including school during the day, and Deutschkurs in the evenings. I attended the weekly Monday Rotary meeting, which was another casual occasion and consisted of a hot meal and a chance to converse and connect with the Rotarians.

I finished school early on Tuesday, Deutsch class was cancelled as the teacher was unavailable. In the afternoon, I met up with Sonya, a fellow exchange student from Russia, for a photoshoot. She had asked me to take some photos of her, and I enjoyed the opportunity to practise some portraiture. Afterwards we had tea and hot chocolate together at a nearby bakery.

Before Deutschkurs on Thursday, the other exchange students and I all contributed to buying a 2.5 litre container of vanilla ice-cream and shared in eating it together. This ended up being our main meal for the evening!

Credit: Mari Arneson
Credit: Mari Arneson

The following is a summary of some Instagram photos I had taken during the week: The weather was varied and Flensburg experienced everything from rain to beautiful sunshine. The cute little frog was found sitting on the steps out the back of my school. He didn’t react at all to my friends and I curiously admiring him in close proximity, and even posed for photos! When the sun is out, many cafes in the city set up dining areas outdoors. The structure heading skywards in the first picture had travelled all the way from Holland and was docked in the Flensburg harbour for a few days.

A huge highlight of the week was my first inbound Orientation, from the 21st to the 23rd of March. I travelled to the island of Föhr and was surrounded by and introduced to an amazing group of international exchange students. However, this another topic for a separate post, so for now I’ll leave it there.

Until next time!

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