Unter der Woche #5

The 10th of March marks Canberra Day in Australia, the annual day to celebrate the birth of Canberra as Australia’s Capital and commemorates the day it was named by Lady Denman, wife of the Governor General at the time. I celebrated in Flensburg by wearing my Canberra Day T-shirt which was released for Canberra’s 100th birthday last year. Canberra Day

I enjoyed a welcome sleep in on Monday, as my Maths class was cancelled which meant that I didn’t have to be at school until 8:30am. Although that may still seem early, for me it was a relatively slow start to the new week, and I could feel the difference by catching an extra half an hour of sleep. In Spanish the class took a vocabulary test, and I don’t think I completely disgraced myself as I did know a few words. In the end my teacher allowed me to use the text book for help, but even then I still had to translate words from Spanish to German and then to English.

Our English teacher was also away, and so that class was cancelled and I was left with another two free periods. Two of my classmates, Nele and Lena invited me out to the city for ice cream. Although it may still be only 10 degrees outside, the sunshine puts everyone in the mood for ice cream.

Mae, Eduardo, Arturo and I also attended our weekly Rotary meeting in the Borgerforeningen and then soaked up the sun at Solitüde beach with a group of other exchange students, it has a very clear view of the Danish coastline and is also where the above photo was taken. The boys were even brave enough to strip down and take a quick dip in the Baltic Sea! Needless to say, they were shivering after emerging from the freezing water.  I must have visited the beach four or five times this week due to the beautiful weather.

The Flensburgers at the central harbour.
Flensburgers at the central harbour.


A very quick dip.

I went to school until 3pm on Tuesday and in the afternoon my class presented our recent art and music projects. We hung our Winter landscape paintings in the school mensa to create our own mini art exhibition. Once the audience arrived we screened the music videos we had made ourselves. My group made a film for the German ballad ‘Gute Nacht’ by Franz Schubert.

Golden hour was particularly beautiful in the harbour that afternoon, which I again spent with the Flensburgers. Here are some examples of photos which I took of Eduardo from Brazil. I was up late into the night editing the hundreds of photos from the previous two days of glorious weather.

We began a new topic in art on Wednesday, which is Architecture. This includes sketching buildings and researching Architectural history, styles and periods. One of our first tasks was to build a tall tower using only paper, scissors and glue. Unfortunately, my group’s construction turned out to be the shortest of them all.

Thursday’s sunshine called for a picnic at Wassersleben, the beach I visited with my classmates last Sunday. We travelled there by bus after school and had a picnic on the sand, which included sweets such as strawberries with chocolate and muffins.



My past weekend has been quiet, I spent the majority of the time at home with my family. I had a productive Saturday morning completing various small tasks, before heading out into the city for the afternoon. Three exchange students from around our district came to visit Flensburg and we spent the afternoon/evening together.

Sunday was very quiet and I stayed at home all day. In the evening, Jens, Justus and I watched a Spiderman film in German together. There were no subtitles this time, and I was actually able to understand some things despite having never seen the film before.

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 5.42.17 pm

One thought on “Unter der Woche #5

  1. Madeleine, the whole countryside looks beautiful and I see what you mean about the sunshine. In Canberra today the Autumn sun is also shining after many rainy days. I should go and buy an icecream too, to celebrate! When I was young I played the German ballad ‘Gute Nacht’ by Franz Schubert – isn’t it lovely and peaceful?
    Take care of yourself and buckets of warm regards, Christine.


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