A Rotary Youth Exchange orientation is one weekend when all the exchange students living in the same Rotary District come together and meet in the same location. It’s a weekend where our heads are filled with new information, which is continually thrown at us for a whole 3 days, but also a time to hang out just as exchange students.

This weekend I will attend my first Inbound orientation since arriving in Germany, which is to be held on the island of Föhr. My German Rotary District is 1890 and covers the entire area of Germany’s most northern state: Schleswig-Holstein, and also includes Hamburg.

German Rotary Districts

The island of Föhr is located of the western coast of Germany, beneath the island of Sylt. I will catch a bus from Flensburg to Niebüll and then Dragebüll, where we will then board a ferry which sails across the North Sea. When the tide is out, it is even possible to walk across the sand from mainland Germany to Föhr, although this can be dangerous at the wrong time of day.

Map of Föhr

I’m very excited about this weekend, as I haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet the 60 other exchange students hosted by my District. We will continue to meet as a District throughout the year, and this is the same group of exchange students with whom I will embark on the Eurotour with in May. This will be one of our main points of discussion over the weekend.

It’s a very special atmosphere, to be surrounded by exchange students from all over the world. This I have already experienced while attending 2 separate outbound orientations as an outbounder last year in Australia, and I’m looking forward to forming many new international friendships.

An international group of both inbound and outbound exchange students at last years 2nd orientation.
An international group of both inbound and outbound exchange students at last year’s 2nd orientation weekend.

Keep on the lookout for another post after the orientation next week, I may share a picture of my blazer which will hopefully be covered in newly acquired pins!

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 5.42.17 pm

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