Unter der Woche #4

I wasn’t required to attend my weekly Rotary meeting on Monday, which consisted of a normal school day until 1 o’clock. I walked to the central bus station with Sara after school, where we waited for her bus together.

I then met with the other Flensburg Rotary exchange students in the Galerie (Flensburg’s main indoor shopping centre). We simply enjoyed each other’s company and may have eaten a pastry or two, before studying at Deutschkurs in the evening.

Tuesday held another short day at school, as Deutsch class was cancelled because our teacher is unwell. I walked into the city with Warwara where we enjoyed a hot lunch and a snack of watermelon. We visited the library together, and spent the time relaxing, reading and quietly talking.

4 FriendsMy German friends from school and I.
R-L: Sara, Lici, Warwara and Myself.

We have now completed our winter landscape paintings in art class, and on Wednesday began to plan an upcoming event to exhibit our paintings in the school Mensa. My painting of tree silhouettes against a sunset background will be hanging on the school walls along with the other pictures from my class. After school I went shopping in the city with friends, the sun was shining so we even enjoyed ice cream together, my first for the coming summer season.

I have now successfully made my first Pavlova in Germany! Pavlova is an Australian dessert which consists of a meringue outer shell filled with whipped cream and fresh, typically summer fruits. My friends and I made it together last Friday in Glücksburg, where my friend Lici lives. While making the meringue by beating 8 egg whites, I’m sure they were all wondering what exactly I was thinking, and how an obscured coloured liquid was ever going to become white and fluffy. Soon all came to fruition, and my friends were pretty impressed with the end result! While the Pavlova was baking in the oven for an hour and a half, we first made delicious fresh fruit smoothies and then passed the time by chatting together.

Our finished Pavlova was a hit, although I must say that I could become a little more skilled in the art of slicing the dessert. We dressed our meringue with a variety of fruits, which included Strawberries, Kiwi Fruit, Blueberries, Mango and a dusting of shaved chocolate to finish it off. As you can see, we documented the whole process, but keep in mind these were taken on iPhones using indoor light.

On Saturday, I took full advantage of the warm sunshine and spent my day outdoors. The weather all weekend was beautiful, and clearly everyone else in Flensburg thought so too as the city centre was packed with crowds seeking a good sun soaking.

I began by taking a walk to the north of the city, which is an area of Flensburg I don’t explore very often. It was a nice walk as this area is not so crowed as the main shopping streets, and I enjoyed training my photographic eye.

For lunch I sat on some stairs at the base of the harbour which was also where everyone else seemed to be sitting. None the less, the atmosphere was pleasant and full of summer vibes.

In the evening I joined some fellow exchange students at the beach and watched the sunset. We were a bit late to experience it’s height of brilliance, and only saw the last streams of light fading beneath the horizon. My camera didn’t cope well with the low light conditions, but it was an amazing location to farewell the day.

Eugenia, a student from Argentina and I met on Sunday to take photos together. Spring is on its way now and a small park in the city can now be seen covered in small light purple blooms, another great location for a photo shoot. Afterwards we then made our way to the beach and ate lunch together before capturing more memories.

For the second time on Sunday I visited another beach with my friends from school. We caught the bus to Lachsbach and then took a beautiful walk through the woods and shores of the Baltic Sea before reaching a beach known as Wassersleben. This beach located right on the border between Denmark and Germany. Turn left and you’re looking towards Denmark, then right and you’re in Germany!

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 10.40.01 am
Notice the black line in the top right is the Danish-German border.

We ate Pita together, a turkish wrap on flat bread with meat, salad and sauces but couldn’t buy ice cream as the cafe had run out because it was so popular! Now that is a testament to the terrific weather we’ve been having. So we caught the bus back to Flensburg and ate ice cream at the harbour instead. A perfect end to the weekend.

That brings me to the end of another busy week, and a beautiful and lively weekend of sunshine and hanging out with friends.

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 5.42.17 pm

3 thoughts on “Unter der Woche #4

  1. What a pavlova! Today I was playing with my music group at the Hellenic Club in Woden for the Senior Citizens. Many of them were dancing to the old tunes like, “Calendar Girl” and “Summertime Blues”. It was great fun. Now I’m off to our Rotary Club meeitng. Continue having fun with your friends and the artwork looks great. What a talented bunch of people you all are. Springtime cheers Christine.

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