Unter der Woche #3

On Monday the 24th February, I attended the usual weekly lunchtime Rotary meeting. This week brought a more casual event, with no formalities. I and the Rotarians sat together and shared conversation over a hot meal. In the evening, a more formal dinner was held, and I attended along with the other exchange students. We each wore our blazers to the dinner event, my new blazer is looking very naked next to their 6 month old jackets covered in pins! Not to worry, the first District 1890 Rotary Youth Exchange Orientation is coming up in a couple of weeks and will be held on the island of Föhr, where I’ll be sure to increase my collection.

Rotary Meeting

The guest speaker for the evening was a Danish politician who discussed issues surrounding relations between Schleswig-Holstein and Denmark.

Both Monday and Tuesday brought fine weather, with plenty of sunshine and consequently a brilliant sunrise which I witnessed while walking to the bus stop. The first signs of spring are also beginning to appear. White headed snow flowers were the first blooms to pop up, closely followed by purple and yellow headed florals.


I have previously blogged about my splendid afternoon with a friend from school, and the beautiful sunset on the harbour I snapped numerous photos of on Wednesday.

I once again met my friend Warwara after school on Friday. We walked to her home together, which is located right next to the harbour. She has a beautiful view of the marina from her bedroom window, which looks out over the water and to the numerous yachts anchored. We ate Brezel with potato salad for lunch and then enjoyed sweets, fruit and warm muffins we made ourselves. I had a wonderful afternoon watching a film in English, but with German subtitles. Afterwards, we walked back into the city and went window shopping for spring shoes which are now appearing in stores.


Saturday was full of activities. In the morning I travelled with my host parents to the nearby town of Glücksburg, where they own a plot of land. The property is rented to a business which trains horses to compete at an Olympic level. Our task for the morning was to cut down a small group of trees which were self-sown and had grown quite large over the past 15 years. My host parents soon brought out the chainsaws, and I watched on while helping to gather loose branches into piles.

After lunch, I traveled by bus to Jerishoe, a village half an hour away from Flensburg where my friend Sara lives. Jerishoe is a beautiful village, surrounded by woods and fields. The sunshine made for a pleasant walk, and striking tree silhouettes against a bright blue horizon. After a short tea break, Sara and I braved the wind and ventured outside, together we rode into the next town of Tarp. From a viewing platform we observed dusk taking a hold as the sun began to set. Sara’s family is very nice and even allowed me to share in their delicious evening meal.

Walkway in Jerishoe

I met with Lena on Sunday, who is also a friend in my class at school. She lives in the next suburb to me and it was a mere 5 minute walk to her home. We visited her horse, ‘Quriana’ at the stables in Engelsby and went for a walk together with her. In the evening, we watched a film together, but this time in German with English subtitles.

This week I’ve had many new experiences with my host family and new friends. The sun is also making more appearances! Visiting my classmates in their homes has been heaps of fun, and we are always finding more common interests. Now, I am lucky enough to call them my friends.

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 5.42.17 pm

5 thoughts on “Unter der Woche #3

  1. Your blog is so detailed Madeleine I feel as though I am there with you! The early signs of spring and the white snowdrops is a picture embeded in my mind. Well done. Sounds as though your German language is expanding. Keep up the great work spreading the word about Australia. You are a great ambassador. Warm cheers from me and the Tuggeranong Rotary Club.

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