The weather here is slowly warming up, and it is now not uncommon to have a high of 10 degrees during the day. Until now it has been dark when I travel to school every morning, but as each morning becomes lighter a little earlier, I have had the pleasure of watching the sun rise on my way to school. Both sunrise and sunset are becoming more brilliant and on a clear morning the sky is transformed into a perfect blend of orange, red, pink and purple as I walk to the bus stop. Each morning I catch the bus to school at 7:00am.

Last Wednesday, I had an evening free from Deutschkurs as a small break between the A2.2 course we have just finished and the B1 course we have only now just begun. I spent the afternoon in the city with Warwara. While relaxing in the comfort and warmth of the city library, we ate a delicious afternoon tea which even included sweet strawberries. On our way home at around 5:45pm, we both witnessed a most beautiful sunset on the Flensburg harbour. I couldn’t resist snapping away and in the end took around 50 photos, but here is a small selection representing Flensburg in a most beautiful light. We were fortunate enough to have had a day of sunshine, which produced this dramatic sight.

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 5.42.17 pm

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