Day 31: Architecture

17/2/14 – I will forever be admiring Flensburg’s architecture, everywhere I look is picture perfect and holds so much history. Experienced my second weekly Rotary meeting today, along with the 3 other exchange students hosted by my club.

2 thoughts on “Day 31: Architecture

  1. I agree with your wonderment of the Flensburg architecture, Madeleine. It is also such a sharp contrast to anything in Australia – especially Canberra. The photo of your desk on Day 16 was impressively tidy! Wow, my desk is never like that so I am quite envious. Enjoy and have fun. Warm regards, Christine.


    1. Hi Christine,
      My desk is not always so tidy! Right now it is actually pretty untidy, and is covered in my latest sewing project. Since I now have a sewing machine, it has also found its permanent home on my desk. The architecture here certainly is a contrast to anything in Canberra, which is only a mere 100 years old!


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