Unter der Woche #1

This will be the first in a series of weekly posts, through which I’ll be aiming to document my daily life in Flensburg, from week to week.

On Monday the 10th of February, I attended school from 7:45am until 12:00pm. The first period of the day was Maths, followed by Spanish. I don’t always understand either of these subjects, as Maths is not my forte. However as in every class, I copy down any notes which may happen to appear on the blackboard. Yes, my school still uses a blackboard in every classroom.
My Spanish teacher is very nice, and is also the teacher who is the coordinator for the exchange students attending my school. He tries to keep me involved in class, despite my very limited knowledge of the Spanish language.

Goethe Schule
My new school: The Goethe Schule

Every Monday my host Rotary club, The Rotary Club of Flensburg, holds it’s weekly meetings in a lovely Danish/German Restaurant at 1:00pm. I am able to leave school a few minutes early in order to walk into the city and attend the meeting. At my first meeting, I briefly introduced myself in German with a short talk I had prepared in Australia. My introduction went very smoothly, and I was pleased with my presentation. I also presented the banner from my sponsor club, The Rotary Club of Tuggeranong, to my host Rotary club in Flensburg. The meeting was a good opportunity to meet with Rotarians and to make myself and my interests known. I now have a sewing machine kindly lent to me by a Rotarian in my club.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday I attend an evening German Language course at the Flensburg Volkshochschule. Each session is four hours long and I attend the course along with three other Rotary exchange students: Mae (Ecuador), Eduardo (Brazil), and Arturo (Paraguay). However, there is a total of 12 students on my class. We are a very diverse group, and were all born in separate countries. This diversity creates a great atmosphere and makes every class fun. I also learn a lot from each session, I often have numerous new pages of words to learn in my Vocabulary book!

Each Tuesday school begins at 7:45am and finishes at 3:00pm. This is one of the two long school days during the week. my school art class takes place on Tuesday. At the moment, we are painting winter landscapes. This is the first time I have painted on a large canvas, so I could still use some practise, but art is a enjoyable and relaxed class and a great opportunity to chat with my classmates while we are working. After school I met up with my fellow Rotary exchange newbie, Eugenia from Argentina. She also arrived during January, so we will have each others company for the whole year. We went for a short walk around the Flensburg harbour, and then ate at a bakery together.


We have been having some beautiful weather lately. The snow is now gone, and spring is on its way. Everyday the temperature is slowly rising. On a good day, we have clear skies and the sun is visible. But the cool winds will not cease, and I still wouldn’t venture outdoors without my warm jacket.

I travelled to Kiel for the first time on Wednesday, along with my classmates while on a school excursion. In the evening I attended Deutschkurs and we practised German adjective endings.

Thursday and Friday are both short days at school, from 7:45 until 1pm. At Deutschkurs on Thursday evening, we had a different teacher than usual. Together we played many language games, including a version of pass the parcel, Taboo and a Jeopardy quiz challenge. I not only learnt more vocabulary, but also about German geography, history, literature and culture.

Deutschkurs (1)
My fellow Deutschkurs classmates

Once again, I visited Kiel on Friday evening with my host family. I have written a separate post about both of my adventures in Kiel.

Over the past weekend, I rode a bike into the city for the first time, along with Jens. Flensburg is a lovely city for cycling, as it is mostly flat. Sometimes it was difficult to navigate the narrow roads, while a lane of cars were parked to one side. In the city Jens and I ran some errands together. I bought some sewing supplies to begin making my first dress, and we visited Rote Strasse, the oldest street in Flensburg.

In Rote Strasse, by a 500 year old well.

As always, I have had a busy week filled with school, learning and practising German and meeting new friends. I hope you all enjoy hearing all about my daily routines in Flensburg!

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 5.42.17 pm

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