Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day!

On Sunday, the 26th of January I celebrated my first Australia Day abroad with my host mother over breakfast and introduced her to Vegemite on toast. Australia Day marks the date when British Captain Arthur Phillip successfully landed the first fleet in Sydney Cove, thus beginning British colonisation.

Vegemite is both a classic and unforgettable Australian flavour. Upon the tasting, I was surprised to hear my host mother say she has had a similar experience with a German Vegemite equivalent. Which is available in Germany, but not in Flensburg. However she did enjoy the taste, and has also tried it again on a separate occasion. I also introduced my family to Tim Tams and we enjoyed having Koalas accompany our tea and coffee.

As it was a Sunday, the rest of my day was very quiet. Here in Flensburg, all shops and businesses are closed. Most spend the day resting indoors with their families. I went for a short walk during the day, and discovered the streets to be bare. Very few buses are available and I only saw a small number of buses on the road. Sometimes, at some of the smaller intersections near my home the traffic lights are even turned off. Every Sunday my host family usually attends church in the morning. However on this occasion church was on in the evening and my host family and I were unable to attend. I enjoy having Sunday as a day of rest, and a chance to relax and to stay indoors while spending time as a family. On Sunday in Canberra everything is normally business as usual, aside from shorter opening hours and cheaper parking. This is just one of the cultural differences I am able to experience and enjoy as I live abroad.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Australia Day!

  1. What an idyllic Sunday you experience in Flensburg. I think I should introduce that to my lifestyle here in Canberra and even pretend the shops are closed! Happy belated Australia Day to you Madeleine and warm cheers from me.


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