Happy Anniversary!

Today, one year ago I published my first post on this blog and officially introduced myself to the blogosphere. Originally, the idea of a blog appealed to me as a way to document my life, record my many sewing and DIY projects, share my photography, to explore myself and to voice my thoughts and opinions with the world. It would be a platform which I could use to hone my writing skills, in order to better express myself and a serve as a type of online journal, which I could look back on in future years.

1 year of Blogging!

My little corner of the world wide web is still all of these things, but it has slowly grown over the past year to become much more. My site first began to evolve with the announcement of my successful application to become a Rotary Youth Exchange student in 2014. The application process had begun in February of 2013, but I was not able to mention this endeavour on my blog until July, when I was selected.

After this announcement, my blog then quickly became a method of communication and not just an online journal. It is now a tool, not just to save a portion of my life in the archives, but to communicate my exchange journey with the world, and my adventures in Germany.

In essence, my blog is now not just about my life in Australia, it has now developed over the past year to include a new chapter, my Rotary Youth Exchange journey and my life in Germany. As I have grown over the past year, my blog has grown with me.

I am proud of my blogging achievements this year. It has become something which I love to do, and will certainly continue.

It has been a blockbuster year for me and my blog, and I’m sure both of us with continue to grow and flourish in the years to come.

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 5.42.17 pm

3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

      1. Awesome! 🙂 I leave on the 30th! 🙂 Hehe I am so excited! It’s kind surreal! It’s going to be such an amazing opportunity. You getting nervous? lol


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