A Solution

I have recently been considering alternative options for the storage and transportation of my still relatively new DSLR camera. After travelling to India with my camera in a traditional black camera bag, I was tired of having to carry and keep track of two separate bags everywhere I went. Previously, I carried my camera, an additional lens, and other photographic accessories in my traditional camera bag. But I also had to always have another small bag with me to carry personal belongings and other items essential for travel.

This dilemma caused me to research other alternatives, such as camera bags which appear to be handbags and have plenty of room for both camera equipment and everyday items. However the majority of these bags cost well over $100, a luxury which I simply can’t afford.

So, I put my sewing abilities to use and made my own unique camera bag to solve my problem. I simply bought an ordinary handbag large enough to hold my camera, with a long cross-body strap and a zipper closure. I then constructed my own protective innards to house my camera and additional lens using wadding and a plain cotton fabric. The bag has plenty of pockets for both everyday items and camera equipment. I am also confident my camera with be safe inside the bag. I’m now looking forward to having my camera with me as I journey to Europe next year, and beyond!

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 5.42.17 pm

6 thoughts on “A Solution

  1. Photo? Back in the day, when my kids were little, I used to carry my big camera AND a video camera AND a purse AND the diaper bag. I even skied with the big camera and the video camera at times. It was crazy. I hope your new bag works out well for you. Way to create your own!


  2. I love the original handbag Maddie, it looks so stylish and classic – a bag you’ll no doubt treasure for years. It’s such a clever idea to make your own additions to the bag – I’ve been cruelly lugging mine around in my handbag without protection. Maybe I’ll have to follow your lead! 🙂


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