Peter Pan

I finished this blouse on Christmas Eve, all ready to wear on Christmas Day. I had actually cut out the fabric around 6 months ago, but this week I finally got around to actually sewing the top. I have always admired the classic style of a crisp Peter Pan collar, so it was time I tried out the timeless technique. The two contrasting light and dark colours, is what brings the blouse to life. From the meagre collection of blouses I have constructed myself, it is the nicest blouse I have ever made, and is certainly my favourite blouse pattern. I will definitely be replicating this piece, in a variety of colours!

For a whimsical feel, I paired the blouse with my handmade flower crown, which matches the navy blue colouring perfectly. I have accompanied my new piece my very versatile black skirt, which I have sewn to be a part of my Rotary uniform that I am required to travel to Germany in.

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 5.42.17 pm

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