Great Gatsby

This month, I was invited to a 1920s style, Great Gatsby themed birthday party, I then lept at the opportunity to begin sewing my own dress based on the era.

My first mission was to source some shiny, glitzy, over the top fabric, which would be suited to the Great Gatsby theme. I ended up selecting a bright teal satin fabric, which in its current state was an old bridesmaids dress belonging to my Aunt, that my Grandma had held onto all these years.

In it’s original form, the dress was a long sleeved number, with a lace top. The lower half of the bodice and skirt was made from the teal satin. I decided to discard the lace, and set out by detaching the skirt from the bodice. As the skirt was floor-length, this was more than enough fabric for my 20s costume.

I followed a basic pattern for a simple shift dress, with the addition of a gathered skirt extending from the hips and a sash also tied around the dropped waist.

To complete the 1920s look, I weighed myself down with glamorous, oversized jewellery pieces, all of which I borrowed from my Grandma’s collection. The long pearl necklace had even belonged to my Great-Grandmother.

My headband, I also made myself from some metallic grosgrain ribbon and feathers. I then adorned the band with a necklace previously belonging to my Great-Grandmother. To be authentically 1920s, I wore a suspender belt and stockings which were brand new, but had belonged to my Great Great Aunt.

I enjoyed making this dress, as I have always admired the fashions of the 20s, which were so radically different from anything seen beforehand. I am pleased to have managed to incorporate numerous vintage jewellery pieces into my outfit, as well as the unique addition of my Great Great Aunt’s stockings. All of these components, and the up-cycled fabric gives an individual dimension to my costume. The party was a success, and I am looking forward to hopefully wearing the dress once again.


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