Blazer Presentation

After I received my green Rotary blazer at the 2nd briefing weekend, it was then presented to me once again by my local Rotary club. The club president gave the presentation, and I was then asked to say a few words. I thanked the club immensely for sponsoring me, and spoke to them about my first host family, as well as my new school in Germany and how I expect to grow over the course of my year abroad. I even wore the Australian Akubra my club purchased for me to wear overseas throughout the presentation. My club president was also kind enough to give me another pin to add to my collection. It features 100 years of Rotary, from 1905-2005.

Here my Dad is pictured in his blue Rotary blazer, before embarking on his exchange to Finland.

Matthew Rotary Exchange


4 thoughts on “Blazer Presentation

  1. Maddie, how exciting for you! I am going to follow your blog. My daughter is an RYE candidate here in the United States (Colorado). There were a lot of applicants this year–too many for the spots they have–so hopefully she will get chosen. She’ll know in just a few days. I love your blazer photo. We have the blazers, here, too, but they are navy blue, like your dad’s.


    1. The Rotary Youth Exchange Interviewing process can can certainly be daunting, especially while competing amongst so many other candidates. However it is a very worthwhile experience, even if one is not selected. I wish your daughter all the best in her exchange journey, and I hope she is selected. The journey has already begun to impact me in a positive way, and I haven’t even arrived in my host country yet!

      I’m very proud of my blazer and I’m looking forward to filling it with pins. One day, it will be a wearable scrapbook of all the places I have been and people I have met throughout my year on exchange in Germany.


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