Bountiful Blooms

There is something about a flower crown which makes one feel inexplicably joyful. It is just not possible to feel otherwise.


The handmade markets were recently held in Canberra over the weekend. This event is a culmination of artists and designers from around the Canberra region, who gather together under one rooftop sell their wares. Many charming and unique items can be found, including a variety of floral crowns. I was tempted to buy one for myself, however after glancing at the exorbitant price tag, I decided against it.

I have always wanted to make a flower crown of my own, one full of big beautiful blossoms, and this was the perfect opportunity. I felt particularly inspired to create one of my own for a fraction of the price.

I first set out by shopping for some false flowers, which look very realistic but do not wilt. I also bought some thin wire and florists tape to construct the crown. All of these supplies could be found at my local $2 shop.

I started out by bending the wire into a circular shape large enough to fit around my head. I then cut off the stem of each flower using wire cutters, trimming them until they were about 3.5cm in length. Next, I arranged the flowers around the crown, keeping them in place using florists tape.

DSC_0817 (1)

This project was very simple, and I was able to achieve it in just one afternoon. My sister was also able to join in making her own crown. I’m very happy with the results, as the crowns look just as nice, or if not better than the ones I had seen the day before. It is certainly more enjoyable choosing the flowers for yourself and making a crown with your own hands, than buying one ready made. The crowns are the perfect accessory during spring and summer and make great gifts!



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