A Coincidence

Anika's MaoLast year, my family hosted a German exchange student for eight weeks. At that time, I had the dream and aspiration to one day become an exchange student myself but did not yet know that I would be embarking on my own adventure in 2014/2015.

As a constant reminder of Anika’s stay, I constructed this picture frame to reside on my desk. It has been a very small piece of Germany filled with memories of our family’s hosting experience. The inspiration for this creation was also fuelled by my fascination for old maps, an interest I share with my Dad. The heart captures the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, where Anika lives in Germany. The map was photocopied from a 100 year old atlas which belonged to my Great Grandmother and was published in 1935.

It was a coincidence that later I would discover that I will be living in Flensburg, this city is located in the same region of Germany which I had photocopied months prior, and also happens to be the same state in which Anika lives. The city of Flensburg can be seen on this map, if you look closely to the far north of Germany. I am looking forward to the prospect of possibly meeting Anika and her family in Germany and finally having the ability to converse with her in German!


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