School Formal Wrap Up / India Awaits

My Year 10 Formal was a great success. The evening was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate our high school years with all my peers.

I’ve previously written about my preparations for the Formal and fortunately, I finished my Formal dress 3 weeks before the big event. The dress turned out even better than I could have imagined. The dainty ice blue and cream colour combination turned out to be perfect. I was aiming for the skirt to be in the 1950s tea length style and very full and on the night I wore a starched petticoat underneath. The gloves I wore and my small drawstring bag were both made by my Grandmother, as I had run out of time to sew while overloaded with school assessments. The fingerless gloves I wore were cut out of the same lace as the bodice overlay, and were simply a wide strip of fabric with a seam down one side, with an open top for the fingers and a thumb hole left in the side seam. The bag was made from the same blue satin and cream lace fabric combination as the bodice.


The school term has finally come to an end, I am very relieved to have handed in all my assessment tasks. I’m now embarking on a journey to India. As a team of 15 students, we will be on a cultural trip, visiting the various sites of India as well as volunteering in local schools. My new DSLR camera is coming along too, so many photos can be expected. I am very excited to have this amazing opportunity!


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