A Big Month

Throughout the whole month of August I have been incredibly busy. I would like to take this opportunity to look back on what has been a very big month.

To begin with, I have enrolled in a German language class which I have been enjoying attending every week. The class is conducted in a mixture of both English and German. It has been very exciting to join other enthusiastic learners of the German language, as for the past two years I have learnt German through distance education. I am learning new words, phrases and grammar each week, and my German skills are definitely beginning to improve.

A huge highlight of August was the first Rotary Youth Exchange orientation camp on the beautiful South Coast. It was an amazing weekend where both the Inbounders and Outbounders gathered together to learn more about our upcoming adventures. Our time was spent together learning all about strategies to ensure a successful exchange and bonding as an exchange family.

My formal dress is almost finished, with the formal being just three weeks away! The large bow and lacing is yet to be constructed and the zipper to be inserted. The countdown is certainly on, along with extra pressure to complete it. I am extraordinarily happy with my dress so far, and I am excited to share the finished product.

My upcoming trip to India is fast approaching and I am busy preparing for what is sure to be an incredible journey.

This August I have been non-stop sewing, attending a school camp in Sydney, preparing for my upcoming exchange to Germany and my journey to India, but most importantly: learning each and every day.


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