Why I Sew

Sewing is my passion. In short, I do it because I love it. Sewing Poster

Making things with my own bare hands is special. I feel more attached to clothing I have made, my handmade clothes are a form of expression and a snapshot into my life at the time they were made. As a result I have continued to store each item of clothing I have made myself, even if it no longer fits me.

The unique artwork I create has such an individual quality. No one else on the planet will have an exact replica. Each piece is one of a kind. This gives me a sense of satisfaction and self sufficiency. This dimension of my life is a creative outlet, a relaxing pastime that enhances my artistic abilities. One of my future goals is to continue to utilise my creative talents, while also pursuing my intellectual dreams.

My Grandmother began teaching me to sew when I was around the age of 11 or 12. I was immediately hooked, and began to regularly visit my Grandmother of a  weekend, often coming home with a brand new handmade dress. Although I haven’t been sewing forever, it is certainly something I will continue to do, and never stop. My Grandmother continues to inspire me, she is an amazing sewer and I still have much more to learn from her. She pushes me to achieve perfection.

The satisfaction I receive from wearing a garment I have made myself is stimulating, only increasing my desire to create more. Of course, positive feedback from others is also equally moving. My recent awards won at the 2013 Royal Canberra Show, have again driven me to continue to learn and improve, as well as inspiring me to further explore the avenues of recycled textiles and ‘upcycling’. My formal dress, currently a work in progress, will be entered next year.


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