Formal Update

I am currently in the slow process of sewing my own formal dress, which so far has been a positive experience. Vintage VogueThe bodice is now almost complete. It is still in two separate front and back pieces, ready to be joined together. I am extraordinarily happy with my colour choices, and can’t help thinking how beautiful it already is, every time I sew.

The stitched button holes based on the back of the dress enable the bow lacing to be threaded through the back of the bodice. Stitching the buttonholes was an entirely new experience to me, and I can proudly say, I have acquired a new skill. The holes were not too complicated to sew when following the instructions, and definitely look much neater than regular buttonholes.

During my last sewing session, I completed the process of whip stitching the lining fabric to the bodice. This has ensured the two pieces will stay together as one piece of fabric.
I also cut out the fabric for the enormous bow located on the back of the dress. This is the same colour as the ice blue lining. However, I have downsized the bow to be considerably smaller than pictured on the pattern envelope. I believe this will be neater than a huge bow, that will only be squashed each time I sit down.

It is certainly coming along nicely, and I am very happy with my progress so far. Most of all I can’t wait to wear the finished product! The countdown is on: 3 months to go!


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