Inexpensive Decor

After repainting my wall from sky blue to a dark, rich aubergine I have been slowly redecorating as well. I have made all the ornaments and decorations myself, all costing me next to nothing.

First, I created a chain of paper hearts cut out from old book pages to be suspended from my ceiling. The book I deconstructed was old and neglected, it hadn’t been read in a long time. I used a stencil I had previously made to trace the shape onto the paper, ensuring all the pieces were the same size and shape. I cut out two hearts to created one paper link, and then sewed them all together.

I created my chain by stitching down the centre of the shape and then pulling the thread out without it breaking, then placing the next shape under the needle and sewing it down the centre. The unbroken thread becomes the string on which the paper is strung, and holds the chain together.

My next project was inspired by my sister. She had made some cute bunting by hand stitching together some small triangles of fabric she had cut out. I had been contemplating sewing some bunting for my room, but had not yet found the time to do so. This method was much simpler than the one I had envisaged so I decided to give it a try.


First I cut out small triangles from leftover fabric scraps that were roughly the same size, not very precisely as I didn’t use a stencil. I then sewed them all together on the machine using the previous method for the paper chain. I then simply clipped colourful wooden pegs to either end of the string and hung them on my wardrobe doors using Blu-Tack. I made no attempt to neaten the raw edges, however the fabric I used did not easily fray.

The ‘Dream Big’ sign on the head of my bed, I made by painting wooden letters I bought from my local hardware store. I simply glued them onto a flat piece of painted wood to ensure they stood up. I love this sign as it reminds me every day to Dream Big! This has now become my personal motto.


My desk ornaments are also handmade. I have kept to the timeless colour scheme of black and white. I made the black tree ornament from a kit. I painted the two wooden pieces black and slotted them together.

I am quite proud of the few small projects I have completed to brighten my room. It just goes to show how great a room can look even on a small budget.


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