Ready, Set, Sew!

It is time to venture into the uncharted waters of the high school tradition that is the ‘School Formal’. In Canberra, two Formals normally take place throughout one’s school years. One in year 10, at the end of high school, and the second in year 12, at the end of college.

This is my first Formal experience, and the date is set for September. Instead of spending vast amounts of money on a dress that I may only wear once, I am making my own. The pattern I am using is Vintage Vogue. I love this 50s style pattern for its full skirt, large bow, lace overlay and backless design. I have chosen to use cream lace, with a matching cream coloured sheer fabric for the skirt. Underneath the lace will be ice blue satin. This adds colour and makes the lace stand out. I wanted to avoid the dress looking too bridal.

I am beginning the project now in order allow myself enough time to finish, as the pattern is slightly more difficult and I am unlikely to work on the dress during school term. This will mean I am not rushing to complete it towards the end. I am intending to take much time and care in creating this dress as it is going to be spectacular!



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