I have been given some incredible opportunities to embark on some brilliant adventures around the globe this year. In July, I am excited to announce that I will be travelling to New Zealand for 7 days!

This trip is a music tour, as I am a part of my school concert band. With a group of 22 students I will experience intensive musical workshops, tuition, public concerts and extreme sporting activities. We will first fly into Auckland and stay overnight there, then travel by bus to Rotorua. The next 5 nights will be spent there before we return home.

I have been fortunate enough to visit New Zealand once before, however that was when I was just nine months old. So naturally I don’t have many memories of that trip, only photos in which my cute little baby face appears. I am overjoyed to be able to return and make many new memories of my own.

Jillian, Matthew & Maddie in NZ

But that’s not all! I am one very lucky girl to also be visiting India in September/October.
This is also an organised school cultural trip in which a group of 16 students will journey to some of the poorest parts of India. We will be working in a local english school to provide much needed school supplies, teach lessons in english and encourage both the students and teachers. I will be spending two weeks of my school holidays in India this year. This is a part of the world that I have not ventured to before. So I am really looking forward to experiencing a completely different culture to my own.

I will have to start saving! These wonderful adventures are fast approaching, and I shall begin preparing soon. You can be sure that I will take lots of photos!


One thought on “Globetrotting

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