Sydney Wrap-Up

I have returned from a family trip to Sydney this week. We spent four days together celebrating my Grandmothers 75th birthday. Embarking bright and early we travelled to Sydney on the train running from Canberra to Sydney. Arriving around midday, our first day consisted of settling into the apartment and exploring the city on foot.
We walked to the Queen Victoria Building, an old structure that has been beautifully restored and converted into a high end shopping mall. Although the luxury stores are expensive, it was wonderful to walk through the building andadmire the lovely and delicate attention to detail throughout the decor. From beautiful old clocks to stain glass windows and mosaic floors, the staggering beauty was everywhere. Outside, the building was just as gorgeous. Green domed rooves and ornate patterns covered the building.
Across the road I was most pleased to find Abbeys Foreign Language Bookstore. They had an extensive range of books in numerous languages, and a large German section. It was enjoyable to look through, even though I did not purchase anything as my German isn’t quite up to scratch yet.
Another highlight of my journey was catching the Manly ferry to Manly. It was a lovely warm day to explore the beachside suburb. The Main Street was lined with palm trees, surf shops and quaint cafes all overlooking the beach. After ordering fish and chips we sat down to admire the view and breath in the salty sea breeze. I went paddling in the refreshingly cool salt water.
 In the evening we had tickets to see the live show ‘War Horse’. I had not seen the film so didn’t really know what to expect. The music and special effects were brilliant, but most astonishing was the puppetry. The horse puppets looked very realistic and the skilful puppeteers did such an amazing job at behaving just as a horse would. Although the storyline was very sad, I was glad it all worked out in the end.
For my Grandmother’s 75th birthday we climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This was definitely the highlight of our trip, and was the main reason we travelled to Sydney. There was a lot of preparation that went into climbing, first we had to suit up in large jumpsuits. Our sunglasses were attached to the suit and I had to remove all my bobby pins! After passing through the metal detector we strapped into harnesses and received a cap, fleece jumper, and radio. All of which was attached the harness or suit somehow. After zipping through a quick practice circuit, we were all ready to embark on the climb of our lives!
In total we walked up 1,834 steps. The climb was fairly easy and not too strenuous, we were attached to the bridge by our harnesses the whole time. After squeezing thorough tight spaces, climbing up and down ladders and walking up countless steps, we finally reached the summit! At 134 metres above the harbour, the view from the top was amazing. Celebratory photos were taken, and we all stopped to admire the fabulous view before we began our descent. The climb down took no time at all and before I knew it we were back on solid ground.
The Bridge Climb was an amazing experience, one I would recommend to everyone. On this trip to Sydney I made many happy memories that I will certainly never forget.

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