Travelling Back in Time

Maddie at War Memorial #2-1

I recently had the opportunity to attend a photography workshop at the Australian War Memorial. I had the chance to use 4 cameras each from different eras and use the traditional methods of developing the photos in a dark room.

The oldest camera was my favourite. It was 100 years old, and was used during the First World War. There was no zoom, and the focus and the aperture had to be adjusted manually. I had to go under a black hood to see the image, and object appeared upside down in the viewfinder.

The second camera was used during the Second World War. It stood on a tripod and in order to see the image I had to look directly down at the camera from above.

The third camera was more modern, a 35mm manual film Single Lens Reflex (SLR). The image could be zoomed in and the film simply had to be wound on after each photo was taken.

The fourth was a fully automatic film SLR. It automatically adjusted itself accordingly as each shot was taken. All I had to do was point and shoot. I also didn’t need to wind the film on.

I had a great day trying out all these cameras. It was alos my first experience in developing black and white film. The actual developing process was amazing! The picture appeared on the paper in the dark room right before my    eyes. It has definitely inspired me to undertake more film photography at every opportunity I am lucky enough to have!

Maddie at War Memorial #2-2

The above photo was taken using the oldest camera, used during the First World War.


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