Retro Reject

Retro Skirt 003
I made this skirt from piece of fabric I found at Spotlight. It was sitting the bin full of rejected left over pieces of fabric. I was drawn to the 50% off sign hanging on the front, and in the end this scrap of fabric only cost me $1.50!

I had originally intended to turn this piece of rejected retro fabric into a pair of shorts, but my shorts pattern had too many pieces for my small bit of left over fabric. So I resorted to making a skirt and I’m very happy with the results.

It is just a simple skirt that is joined at the back and has an elasticized waist. I was originally going to    put a waistband on it, so I cut one out from the bottom of the fabric. However, I decided an elasticized waist was just easier seeing as I was going to be wearing a belt with the skirt anyway. So my waistband turned into a matching hair ribbon!

I’m also wearing the blouse I altered, and my Grandfathers old leather belt.


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