I often day dream about living overseas. The list of places I’m going to visit goes on and on. Most of these places are in Europe as I’m continually fascinated by the language, culture, people, festivals, food, music and art of this continent. One day, I would love to study at a university over there.

I think it was my trip to Europe two years ago that sparked all this interest. It encouraged me to continue with my language learning and afterwards I definitely wanted to return.I'm Gonna Make It Happen!

My visit to Finland was particularly special. My Dad embarked on an exchange year there as a teenager. We went back to visit all his host families, and friends who he had kept contact with after many years. That meant we got to stay and travel around with the locals. I am eager to return one day and again visit all the friends that I made during my visit. I think I have a bad case of the travel bug. When you’ve been overseas once you’ve got it for life.

Although it is nice to daydream about going away, I have to think realistically. Now I do believe I will one day achieve my goal, however there are many things that need to be considered. Am I able to leave my family and venture into a foreign land that has a completely different language and culture to my own? How will save up enough money to support myself when I’m away? Do have a good enough understanding of the language to be able to communicate effectively when I first arrive?

These are just some of the points I need to consider, and there are many more, before I make some big decisions about my future.

I must also remember not to get caught up in my own fairy tale where my dreams come true all by themselves. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to achieve dreams and goals. I must stick at my language learning, and never give up!


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