Up-cycled Nightshirt

Teddy 006-001My Dad recently cleaned out his wardrobe, and got rid of any clothes he no longer wore. I made sure to look through the mountain of clothing before they were thrown out. I found an old night shirt that my Grandmother had made, which had never been worn. The teddy bears were just too cute to resist, so I salvaged the shirt intending to reuse the fabric.

Here’s what I came up with, another skirt. It was simple to make as the shirt was quite long so all I did was measure out how long the skirt would be, and cut off the top. Then I cut a strip of the remaining fabric and constructed a waistband.

And  Voila! By putting the two pieces together,  I made an irresistible teddy bear skirt. I added my own touch by making two matching red heart-shaped patch pockets.



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