Hello World!

Happy New Year!

A new year means a brand new blog. I have been pondering the thought of creating a blog for a while, and now my plans are being put into action.

Hopefully this will mean a place to share my passions with the world, and to continue to develop my skills while pursuing my goals and dreams.

So, what’s in the name? ‘Of Lace and Languages’ is the title I gave my blog as it combines two of my great passions: learning a language and the world of linguistics, as well as my crafty side. I love making my own clothes and lace is one of my favorite fabrics.

I am a strong advocate for learning a second language. Throughout the learning process, so many new skills can be acquired and you may learn more about yourself and your learning style. It can open so many doors and provide opportunities you may have never imagined.

Our society in Australia has a somewhat monolingual mentality. If English is your first language, you have no need to speak another language, because everyone speaks English. However this is not the case. I was pleased to discover through some quick research that over four-fifths of the world’s population does not speak English.

One of my big language goals is to embark on a student exchange in Europe. At the moment I am particularly interested in learning German and Spanish as these are the language courses currently offered at my school. However I am definitely interested in learning many more and often dream of becoming multilingual. To me, it would be amazing to be able to express myself in so many different ways.

So there you have it! My inaugural first post. Combining my travel and language dreams, I guess you could say I’m one ambitious girl!


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